He has worked for several reputable architecture firms for 25 years. He designs architectural futuristic concepts, high-rise buildings, future warships and automobiles as a freelance designer. 

Designer's outstanding villa project called 'Field of Flowers' was awarded by A Design Award in Architecture, Building and Structure Category in 2014. The same project was also awarded by German Design Award in 2017. In 2015 he was once more awarded by his cutting-edge automobile design 'MG Assos' by A Design Award. In 2013, one of his automobile designs was awarded 2nd place in category 'Ergonomy' in a reputable car design contest held by Automotive Exporters Association, in Turkey. His architectural concept design project named ‘Xcept’ was published in a notable Turkish architecture magazine called ‘Tasarım’ in May 2008, 181th edition. 

He continues designing in different fields such as architecture, automobile, aircraft in İstanbul, the city where he still lives.