Project for FragtalTower has been made as a complex composed of four towers with totally 96 regular floors and 2-storied as a shopping center at ground level. Floor height is 3.60 m. Total height is about 380 meters. This is the minimum height which is necessary so that the proportions of the buiilding are maintained. Alternatively, the building has been devised as a complex composed of 144 regular floors and 2-storied shopping center at ground level, with a total height of 545 meters. At its front, motion is allowed for with 10 m console. Measurements of FragtalTower are 20 x 30 m in narrower segments and 20 x 40 m in widening segments. FragtalTower, has been designed with a functionally comfortable structure. The first 24 floors of the towers constitute a single junction (hotel, residential, office) or each of the towers may be given individual functions. FragtalTower, has been designed with transparent elevators at sections of towers facing each other and a core opposite to them (regular stairs, fire escape, two service elevators and shafts), and 8 too-fast elevators available in the centre of four towers ensure direct exits. FragtalTower, four towers are interconnected every 24 floors. Such floors are composed of six floors and could be arranged in a way interely independent from towers or in a way to provide towers with additional functions (lobby, restaurant, floor gardens, foyer playfields, etc.) Over these joining Floors are glass domes for get in natural light and under them are lighting elements of the same form as the domes above. A tower is 700 m2 on average. So, a floor area in four towers is 2800 m2. In view of 96-stories alternative, total construction area of the towers is 230.000 m2. In addition to this area, a total shopping center of 90.000 m2 has been devised as a two-storied shopping center at ground level and a one-storied shopping center under ground level. With towers of 320.000 m2 and parking-lot of about 120.000 m2, total construction area amounts to 440.000 m2. Land seating m2 of the towers should be 50.000 m2 at a minimum.